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Apposite Capital – Cancer Partners UK

Exits of the Year - Venture Capital Winners

Cancer Partners UK was founded by Apposite Capital and an experienced management team in 2006 in response to the acknowledged poor cancer outcomes and the significant under provision of radiotherapy capacity in the UK. It is the UK’s first network of high-quality, specialist outpatient cancer centres based on international best clinical practices. Over the life of Apposite Capital investment, the company build and open eight state-of-the-art centres, notably expanding its service offering in the fields of diagnostics and chemotherapy. Overall, Apposite invested £17m to help establish the company, build up the management team and finance the roll-out of the centres across the UK. Upon the exit to Genesis Care in July 2015, Cancer Patients UK employed 160 people, generated £23m in revenues and was highly profitable, being recognised by the Sunday Times Virgin top 100 Fast Track as one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

Judges said: Apposite really knocked it out of the park with the Cancer Partners UK exit, securing an overwhelming majority of the public and judges votes

The Shortlist

  • Apposite Capital - Cancer Partner UK
  • Bestport Ventures LLP - Dot Net Solutions
  • Mercia Technologies PLC - Blue Prism